The Village

Stara Moravica is one of the most beautiful villages in Vojvodina. It is even built on a hill. It is multi-ethnic, part of old Austro-Hungary, close to the beautiful small city of Subotica. In addition to enjoying the peace and gentle rhythms of rural life there is lots to do in the village and even more in the local region.





Village full of horses and carts; carriage rides available



Enjoy the farming seasons of harvest, grape picking, svinjo-kolje and ham making; ask us for more information



Rakija tasting. From high Summer onwards, watch it being distilled.




Hungarian Reformed, Catholic, Baptist



Tamburasi orchestra will come and entertain



Artists colony, gallery; crafts, including potters, weaving, jewellery




Village festivals with produce, music and traditional culture:

  • February: Day of wine and rakija tasting

  • 15 March: Celebration of the revolution of 1848

  • Last weekend May: Annual Village Fair

  • End August: Beer festival

  • End September: Grape picking festival

  • November: Honey festival

  • December: Village celebration




2 small shops within 3 minutes walk, baker next door, village shops in centre



Restaurants in village. Order local dishes to be cooked in the garden. Best restaurants in Subotica.




Local cellars, wine tasting, excellent local wines; visit the vineyards



Local experts will come to the garden and prepare a kotlic of goulash, roast a lamb on a spit, prepare rostilj at reasonable cost.