Local Activities

This part of Vojvodina is a piece of rustic Central Europe. The small city of Subotica is close by with its stunning Art-nouveau centre with museum and galleries. There are also many local attractions for those enjoying rural beauty.




  • Small Austro-Hungarian city,
  • large Hungarian component;
  • Art-nouveau centre recently restored;
  • cafe culture, museums, restaurants, music
  • and much more...



Bunjevci & Sokci:

  • This northern part of Vojvodina has 2 Croat ethnic groups, each with distinctive and interesting music and culture; both have their festivals.
  • The Bunjevci's around Subotica have a music festival.
  • The Sokci have their festival in Backi Monostor.





Horse stud with museum.The village itself is much better. Djordje Novakovic with his 2 beautiful Lipizaners and fijaker carriage will take guests on long or shorter local tours.



Hang glider:


Hang glider rides in nearby Bajsa. 12 kms



Palic Lakes:


Water activities, fishing; extensive lake and reedbeds, excellent birding; local ranger available as guide





Duck and small game, especially hare, in season. Wild boar. World renowned Red deer stags; some of the largest heads in Europe in the oak forests beside the Danube



Bird Watching:

Backa and Banat have unrivalled birding, especially around the fishpond complexes. Highlights: Great Bustards, Autumn congregations of cranes and geese, White-tailed eagle, Imperial eagle on Fruska Gora, Saker falcon, pygmy cormorant. Local enthusiasts ready to lead parties. The billage lake itself has bitterns, Little bitterns, Night heron, Squacco heron, garganey duck, Whiskered terns, grebes, warblers, Penduline tit, Marsh harrier.



Festivals and Music:


Every village has its festivals. There is national music and dance, food, tamburasi bands, classical concerts in Subotica. The Hungarian city of Szeged is only an hour away.



Artist and Galleries:


Several good galleries of local artists in the area